On October 27th, Calabrian’s Port Neches facility exceeded one year with no recordable injuries; a safety record for the company. Calabrian’s President and CEO Randy Owens presents this commemorative award to Benny Deters, Director of Manufacturing for the accomplishment.
Calabrian Celebrates a Safety Milestone
Randy Owens states, “We could not have accomplished this achievement without the dedication, hard work, and commitment of our employees on keeping a safe workplace.” A celebration luncheon was held on October 30th in honor of all the employees and their contribution to keeping safety their top priority.
is the largest North American producer of on-purpose sulfur dioxide, sodium bisulfite, sodium metabisulfite, and sodium thiosulfate
Calabrian Corporation
is used at Calabrian's plant in Port Neches, Texas to manufacture the highest quality sulfur derivatives in the industry.
SO2Clean Technology
provides in-situ, on-demand pure SO2 and SO3 in a safe and reliable manner, creating new opportunities for these critical reagents.
SOx Submerged Combustion Technology
are used in industries ranging from food & beverages to water treatment and oilfield chemicals
Calabrian's Products

Requests from current and potential customers give us the ability to produce additional Sulfur Derivatives and proprietary blends at the Port Neches plant utilizing a variety of alkaline/earth metals and catalyzed and non-catalyzed solutions.

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